Operational Assessment

Expert IT Operations provides Operational Assessments for its clients. Some of the areas of assessment include:

  • IT Contract Analysis – Improved Service Delivery
  • Documentation – Critical Operations
  • Vendor Recommendations for Improved Efficiencies
  • Process Control Manual
  • Critical Operations Problem Resolution
  • (Immediate Correction of Financial and Service Delivery deficiencies)

Phase 1: Diagnostic Question & Answer Session – Phase one of the assessment process is a one hour discussion that outlines the current state of IT operations in the areas of vendor contracts, service delivery, backup, security, staff training, availability of critical documentation for device configurations, asset management, and overall process for maintaining the systems.

Phase 2: Hardware & Network Evaluation – Phase two consists of as onsite visit that is used to review each device and collect the critical configuration data for all devices. Network resources are also evaluated and documented during this phase.

Phase 3:  Process Control Manual – Phase three is a project to compile all data from the phase one Q&A session and the phase two Hardware & Network Evaluation site visit. EIT delivers the final documentation in a detailed IT Process Control Manual.